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Back to School – Drawing Equations

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In the category of “Things that make you go ‘Wow'” I stumbled across this seemingly simple, yet amazing, little app for Android and iOS. Draw your equation…yes, you just draw the equation and it converts it & calculates it. It reminded me of the Big Bang Theory episode where they decided to create an app.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

On iTunes and Google Play for Android


Amoeba Hugs and Other Nonsense: From Beatrice the Biologist

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AmoebaHugsShe’s at it again, Katie McKissick a.k.a Beatrice the Biologist, has put together a collection of the wonderful, quirky AND truly educational cartoons from her website.

Buy it on

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Battlefield 4 Pre-Order

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battlefield4ps3boxartI’m the first to admit I’m a gaming junkie. I love seeing how they push the limits of current systems to make these amazing visual experiences. The Battlefield series has always been one of my favorites and each new version gets hyped up to the point where I’ll stay up late just to catch the release of their latest teaser video or screenshot. This newest release is no exception. Battlefield 4 looks stunning, it’s a simple as that.

This week EA/DICE had what is essentially a pre-order launch party where they showcased 17 minutes of gameplay from the single play campaign. Unlike many, I actually enjoy single player as a precursor to multiplayer so I can get familiar with the control and marvel at the visuals without getting to distracted.

The footage is best watched in HD with the volume up.

Battlefield 4 is already available for pre-order pretty much everywhere including Amazon

Some things of note are that Battlefield 4 will follow the same model as Battlefield 3 with a Premium (read as more money) service that entitles you to all the upcoming downloadable content (DLC). They made millions on this with BF3 so it was expected.

Also, BF3 Premium members will be getting the Beta code for BF4 which is great news except if you were one of the unlucky few who wasted your money on MoH: Warfighter only to get the promised exclusive beta.

This information comes from an interview with lead developer as posted on playstationlifestyle.


Stocksy is Here!

Leave it to Bruce Livingstone, the man behind the creation and meteoric rise of iStockPhoto, to return with an fresh, new take on royalty free stock photography. The model this time is a co-operative that is owned and run by its artists. Sounds cool and if anyone can pull it off, it’s this guy.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this new approach shakes up the current market which is essential dominated by Getty (owner of just about every stock site out there including iStockPhoto).


Want to learn more, check out

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Chicks in Tanks

With all the apps out there for your Apple device it’s tough to find those diamonds amidst all the coal. Here is one of those fun, quirky little games that you don’t want to miss. Tip-Tok, the creators of Ameboid, released the updated version of Chicks in Tanks which now supports iPhone and iPod along with it’s original iPad support from launch. It’s all about some baby chicks left behind after a tornado devastates their farm, whisking away their brothers and sisters, so they jump into a toy tank and go racing after the tornado to rescue them.

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Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos

If you are looking for music that you can use in your videos and not violate anyone’s copyrights what you need is Royalty Free music. However, Royalty Free does not necessarily mean FREE cost, it just means that you can pay a one-time fee and not have to pay specific royalties to the artist or publisher for usage. What you really want to find is Free Royalty Free music where there is no cost to download, no usage fees and usually only a requirement to credit the original artist in the form of a link to their website.

Indymogul has put together The Ultimate Guide To Royalty-Free Music For Youtube! – Friday 101 on Youtube

Be sure to watch the above video to get a better understanding of all the licensing options available for Royalty Free music. Most artist allow for free commercial use only asking that you link back to their site in the video description which is pretty amazing given the high quality of the music they offer. However, make sure you look for what attribution is required and what usage is allowed on the individual sites.

Here’s a list of some great sources:
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When Can I Get the iOS 6 Upgrade?

iOS 6 Upgrade

Everything I’ve read this week points to it being around 10:00 am Pacific time making it 1:00 pm Eastern.

All we know for sure is that it’s today, September 19th. ETA: It happened at 1:00pm EST as expected.

How do I get it?
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Recording PS3 or XBOX Gaming in HD (AverMedia)

As a console gamer I have tried different solutions for recording game play with frustrating results. Most of the time it involves passing the PS3 output through a PC with a capture card resulting in lag, reduced resolution and/or frame drops. I’ve even used a video camera to capture what’s on screen. All the time I’ve been in search of an easy to use, cost-effective device that doesn’t interfere with my game.

The AverMedia Game Capture HD is that device. It’s a standalone — no computer needed — capture box that hooks up between your console and TV. Everything I’ve read and seen shows that there is no introduction of lag (delay) in the game which is a critical element. As the name states it’s a HD recording device that allows you to play AND record in high def.

AVERMEDIA C281 Game Capture HD Record Xbox 360 and PS3 in Real Time
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